Are you looking for a vehicle that has the perfect combination of luxury and off-road capability? Then the all-new Land Rover Discovery is the vehicle you need. There no other vehicles that match this blend as well as this vehicle does. The brand-new Land Rover Discovery is versatile, powerful and innovative.


The all-new Land Rover Discovery is sleek from the inside out. It has been designed with a modern and attractive look that will certainly make you the centre of attention on the road. On the outside, its beautifully proportioned body makes it look athletic. While on the inside, the vehicle has a premium cabin that complements the luxurious and attractive exterior. The seven seats are covered with gorgeous materials that will make you and your family feel like royalty when you are riding inside the Land Rover Discovery. The seams and joints on the seats are almost invisible which helps create a flawless and prestigious look. Get ready to be captured by the remarkable beauty of this SUV.


The Land Rover Discovery is back this year with even more advanced technology features to enhance your driving experience and keep you and your family safe on the road. Frontal collision mitigation with automotive emergency braking is now a standard feature; the 3 L Turbocharged diesel engine is also now available across all 3 models.
Furthermore, the base SE model is also equipped with a 10-inch touchscreen and a larger head-up display has been added to the HSE and HSE Luxury models. And you can trust the high-end rearview camera with many angles to help you easily back up into any spot. Enjoy these different technology features that have been created to help you can drive with confidence.


This SUV is equipped with a four-wheel-drive drivetrain system that makes maneuvering any road really easy. With the new Land Rover Discovery, you can choose between two powerful engines: the 3 L Turbocharged diesel engine that produces a torque of 443 lb-ft and a 3 L Supercharged V6 gas engine with a power of 340 horsepower to maximize your power delivery. And that's not all, this powerful SUV has a maximum towing capacity of 3500kg which means that you can carry everything your family needs for an adventurous road trip.

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